Christmas wines for Parties

When planning a Christmas party in Birmingham, five factors will increase the odds of its success. An over looked factor is the logisitcs of the event and one way that over come these is with van man hire. With tasty edibles and libations rolled out in combination with the right guest list, ambiance, theme and best calendar date, a grand party is practically a guarantee.

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1. Food and Drink

Delicious appetizers, colorful Christmas cookies, eggnog, and festive wines will add to holiday excitement. The Birmingham market has a great selection of wines to enjoy during the holidays. Special ingredients lend zestful flavor with some wines offering tastes of fruitcake and rum while others have notes of fruit and citrus. Festive wines can be enhanced by serving guests in deep red wine glasses and creative charms may be added to the stem base to identify individual glasses.

2. Guest List

The guest list should be comprised of a group of diverse personalities and on the invitation it should be stated whether the party is intended for adults or if children are welcome. Guests may consist of family, friends, co-workers and neighbors, or guest choices might be an interesting compilation of relatives and acquaintances. The right group will depend on the desired head count and relationships to the host.

3. Ambiance

The mood of a party is largely determined by the music selection, aromas of food and of visual displays. With a Christmas party holiday music may play in the background, the scent of pies and cookies might waft through the air, and a beautiful trimmed Christmas tree may be the focal point.

4. Theme and Decor

For a festive holiday party, the decor should surpass mere ambiance. Pink, red, and white Poinsettias might be placed on end tables and used as the main centerpiece. The front door might be covered in red foil with a large bow and ribbon to resemble a present. For a particular theme, decor might revolve around one piece associated with Christmas. As it may be hard to transport all of these pieces by yourself, it may be a good idea to look into van rental in order to make it a little easier for yourself.

With a candy cane theme, for example, candy cane pieces may be incorporated into various locations throughout the property. Christmas lights may be strewn around doorways or garland may wrap around banisters; all laden with hanging candy canes. The Christmas cookies might predominantly be shaped and decorated like candy canes.

5. Invitation Date

When choosing a date for the party it is best to consider an afternoon or evening that would be convenient for guests. Typically a holiday party will work best on a weekend evening, such as a Friday or Saturday. December dates are rarely open, so it wise to choose the party date/time as early as possible in the month. To obtain optimum attendance, the date should be provided no closer than 30 days prior to the event. R.S.V.P. should be requested within a week of the party.

During the holidays, calendars fill up fast and weekends are booked quickly so choosing the date and announcing it early is necessary to assure a full house.

When planning a Christmas party in Birmingham, these five factors will help to ensure a successful event. With delicious appetizers, desserts,festive wines, the right guest list, holiday ambiance, fun decor and early invitations, the planning is sure to produce a memorable party for everyone.